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of an iconic brand.


Become a Dealer

A Magicboards dealer, for most of our customers, is the true face of our company. Most dealerships are independently owned, hiring local employees who bring Magicboards values to life. That’s important. Because our dealerships must be as diverse as the communities they serve.

You’ll find dealerships worldwide that provide services for the Professional business, educational applications, or for freelancers. Many have a combination of those. Yet all share the same themes of quality and commitment for the Magicboards customer.

Magicboards dealers must understand and respond to their local customers’ needs. This is why we take great strides in recruiting high-caliber individuals with diverse backgrounds to take on the Magicboards brand. In fact, Magicboards want dealerships to be owned and operated by people of different religions and nationalities.


If you’re interested in becoming a Branded distributer for magicboards’ resumes, please contact us at 986-066-1565 or email us at to get started.

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