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Smart Resume

A Clean, Lightweight and bloat free Resume.

You will love the attention to detail and pixel perfect design that will truly
complement your CV, truly designed to give
your cv premium yet clean and professional look.

For instance, click on below link;


Web Presence

Magic Boards allows the professionals to present their respective resumes / CVs online through our services.

For instance,

Instead of sending across the pdf/word document files, we generate the unique protected urls with the Resume/CV content, that can be sent to get the required jobs

Sample CV ;

What our customers think.

Deepti thinks
digital resumes will change the way of working in near future. You won’t have to go with a hardcopy in corporates anymore.

Reva says
magicboard helps her to get recognized easily and reach the larger audience base. she frequently sends her url in her forums.

Preet says
through magicboards he is able to see more options in the field which he is passionate about and now can select the best opportunity.

Akruti says
that she doesn’t like to operate computers, so she always procrastinated resume making or editing. But now her life is little more simplified, and now she loves to send resumes.

Mukesh shares
that now he won’t have to make resumes for his friends anymore. He shares our number whenever someone asks him for resume format.

Nikhil remembers
things were hard back then, when he had to go to cybercafes to make changes in resumes as he doesn’t owned a PC. But now he can just whatsapp it and its done.

Vishal (HR) says
people often send resumes in different formats like word files ands pdfs which often gets corrupted or lost. But after watching this he took a long breathe.

Gargi (HR) says
it had never been this easy to maintain the database of CVs. Now she’s able to have a quick look on resumes and can scrutinize more candidates in less time.

Vicky (CEO) says
the links will change many things, but the most crucial part will be of security. Because of digital CVs, no one can perform any type of fraudlent changes in your information.

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